About Rip Skin Products


IPB4Rip Skin Products is a subsidiary of Cuzzalo Ink.

Its parent company Cuzzalo ink began in 2011 creating custom hockey masks for average people and celebrities alike. A couple years later Cuzzalo ink delved in the arena of latex masks. Rip Skin Products was formed after the first latex mold of C-lim aka Cuzzalo inks  face was fabricated the mask came to become known as C-lim’s alter ego “Rip Skin”.  With the mouth ripped out, stitches from the tares all over the face to the goalie holes in the skin the name seemed fitting for the mask as well as the company.  Since the creation of Rip skin Products the company has done face masks for some notable clientele including Tech N9ne, Brotha Lynch Hung and Twisted Insane.  Twisted Insane signed with Rip skin Products in 2013 Rip Skin Products now carries the full and half face mask of Twisted Insane called ‘The Brainsick Mask’ both available now in the Cuzzalo ink store.